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Standing with Squirrel Hill

October 30, 2018


Like congregations around the world, Beth Chai is heartbroken and angry over the horrifying violence that claimed the lives of Jews worshipping during Shabbat in Pittsburgh. This was an act of pure hatred. It shattered the sense of safety of not just Jews, but worshippers in America of any number of faiths. And it brought into stark relief how quickly and dangerously the scourge of antisemitism is re-emerging in the country, and the consequences of a political climate where white supremacists and other vile hate mongers are emboldened by some of our political leaders.


On Sunday, our congregation vowed to join other faith-based organizations in stepping up efforts to unite and fight this growing epidemic of hatred.


We also responded to the hate with a defiant display of solidarity and love. Our Sunday school students, their parents and others who gathered at Beth Chai over the weekend wrote cards with messages of hope and love to be delivered to the Jews in Squirrel Hill. We stand with them. We will never forget them and we will never back down from the fight against hatred and bigotry.



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