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Sunday School and Adult Education usually meet at Burning Tree Elementary School, 7900 Beech Tree Rd, Bethesda

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On the trail with Beth Chai

July 18, 2018

They are a favorite Beth Chai tradition: The creative outings members think up to help raise money for our annual auctions. Hosts plan lavish meals, wine tours, trivia nights and all manner of fun activities that members of the community can join in exchange for a small donation to help sustain the congregation.


Geocaching enthusiasts Nate and Rachel Weisz this year offered to bring lucky bidders out on an adventure, where participants used GPS devices to track down strategically hidden items along the Cabin John Trail. The two hour hunt proved quite a challenge. “A few times, we thought we were not going to find the next clue,” Rachel said. “But we persisted, and we did find them. And Naomi even had to climb a tree to get the middle clue!”


They persisted, and they burned a lot calories along the way. But this was a Beth Chai event, which means there was plenty of food at hand. The group of 11 treasure hunters enjoyed a hearty their picnic lunch together.





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