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Sunday School and Adult Education usually meet at Burning Tree Elementary School, 7900 Beech Tree Rd, Bethesda

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Giving Back

March 6, 2018

Beth Chai Shelter Day sign-up is NOW LIVE!  

Visit the link below to sign up to cook a meal, serve a meal, pack a lunch, buy an item, deliver, and more... contact Lisa (pansi1213@gmail.com) for more information about preferred foods and other needs.    

Saturday, March 24th, we will join RRUUC's Shelter Week to help some very vulnerable people in our own community. If you have teens and tweens, this is a great way to earn some SSL hours. There are different ways to help!     

1. Provide purchased food, toiletries, or staple items.   

2. Prepare vegetarian or meat breakfast or dinner entrees.  

3. Prepare bag lunches.  

4. Prepare dessert or side dishes.  

5. Collect and deliver items to the shelter.  

6. Serve dinner at the shelter (6-8 pm).  

6. Socialize after dinner.  

7. Provide musical entertainment during dinner.  

Sign up today! www.volunteersignup.org/HB8XW 

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