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Joining the Montgomery County Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

February 2, 2018

Beth Chai has recently joined the Montgomery County Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions  (MC-FACS). This will help expand Beth Chai social action program to include more direct action on green issues.  MC-FACS works in partnership with Interfaith Power and Light to enlist the moral power of faith groups to reduce carbon emissions, and will provide opportunities for Beth Chai members to participate in climate justice activism and advocacy. The group is led by River Road Unitarian Universalist members, our long time partners in social justice actions. MC-FACS membership will help Beth Chai take effective action on reducing carbon emissions in Montgomery County. For Beth Chai members residing in other jurisdictions, the group also provides information about local actions in DC, Virginia and MD.  MC-FACS is a group of knowledgeable people happy to talk about the issues, solutions, and be a resource for those of us who want to directly change their lives to save the earth, and also to advocate for government change.

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