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Catalog of the Beth Chai Library

The Beth Chai Library is at Beth Chai Congregation, 6301 River Road, Bethesda, MD 20817 (River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation building) in the River Road library room; our collection is on the top shelf on the east wall. To find out how to borrow books, please contact Daniel Korn, Librarian, 301-762-4541,

Library privileges are for Beth Chai members only.

Note: HC = Hard Cover; PB = Paper Binding


Blech, Rabbi Benjamin. Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Judaism (PB)
Buber, Martin. Tales of the Hasidim (PB)
Cohen, Abraham. Everyman's Talmud (PB)
Cohen, Sharon, et al., eds. Women's Passover Companion
Cousens, Myrna Bonnie, ed. Guide to Humanistic Judaism (PB)
Diamant, Anita. The New Jewish Wedding (PB)
Eban, Abba. History of the Jews, Vol. II (PB)
Fenyvesi, Charles. When Angels Fooled the World: Rescuers of Jews in Hungary
Frankel, Ellen. The Five Books of Miriam (PB)
Freedman, Samuel G. Jew vs. Jew (PB)
Goodman, Philip. The Yom Kippur Anthology (PB)
Goodman, Philip. The Shavuot Anthology (PB)
Hertz, Dr. J.H., ed. Pentateuch & Haftorahs (PB)
Heschel, Abraham Joshua. God in Search of Man (PB)
Hillman, Jordan Jay. The Torah and Its God: A Humanist Inquiry (2 copies)
Jewish Publication Society. Hebrew-English Tanakh
Johnson, Paul. A History of the Jews (PB)
Kaplan, Mordecai M. Judaism as a Civilization (PB)
Lipschitz, Chaim U. The Shanghai Connection
Lerner, Michael, ed. Best Jewish Writing 2002 (PB)
Milman, Barbara. Light in the Shadows (PB)
Muraskin, Bennett. Humanist Readings in Jewish Folklore (PB)
Newman, Louis, ed. The Talmudic Anthology (PB)
Plaut, W. Gunther, ed. The Torah: A Modern Commentary
Sachar, Howard M. A History of the Jews in America (2 copies, one PB)_
Telushkin, Rabbi Joseph. Jewish Literacy
Telushkin, Rabbi Joseph and Dennis Prager. The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism (PB)
Wine, Sherwin T. Judaism Beyond God


Cowan, Paul and Rachel. Mixed Blessings: Marriages Between Jews, Christians
Gruzen, Lee F. Raising Your Jewish/Christian Child (PB)
Hawxhurst, Joan C. The Interfaith Family Guidebook (PB)
King, Andrea. If I'm Jewish and You're Christian, What are the Kids? (PB)
Lerner, Rabbi Devon A. Celebrating Interfaith Marriage (PB)
Petsonk, Judy and Jim Remsen. The Intermarriage Handbook (PB)
Rosenbaum, Mary and Stanley. Celebrating Our Differences: Two Faiths, One Marriage (PB) 

CHILDREN'S BOOKS  (all PB, unless otherwise noted as HC)


Bunting, Eve. One Candle (HC)
Burstein, Chaya M. The Jewish Kids’ Catalog
Children's Bible Stories. David and Goliath (HC)
Cone, Molly. Listen to the Trees: Jews and the Earth
Cone, Molly. Who Knows Ten? Tales of the Ten Commandments
Healy, Mark. Heroes and Warriors: King David, Warlord of Israel
Healy, Mark. Heroes and Warriors: Nebuchadnezzaar, Scourge of Zion
Levin, C. and M. Mykoff. The Three Messengers (HC)
Levine, Arthur A. Pearl Moscowitz's Last Stand (HC)
Meilach, Dona Z. First Book of Bible Heroes, Part 1
Michaelson, Richard. Too Young for Yiddish
Newman, Shirley. A Child's Introduction to the Torah
Newman, Shirley. A Child's Introduction to the Early Prophets
Polacco, Patricia. The Keeping Quilt (HC)
Prose, Francine. Stories from Our Living Past
Rael, Elsa Okon. What Zessie Saw on Delancey Street
Rossel, Seymour. Introduction to Jewish History: Abraham to the Sages
Rossel, Seymour. A Child's Bible: Lessons from the Torah (2 copies)
Rossel, Seymour. A Child's Bible: Lessons from the Prophets and Writings
Sales, Francesc. Ibrahim (HC)
Samuels, Ruth. Bible Stories for Jewish Children (HC)
Schram, Peninnah. Jewish Stories One Generation Tells Another (HC)
Schwartz, Howard. Sabbath Lion: A Jewish Folktale from Algeria (HC)
Zemach, Margot. It Could Always Be Worse


Cashman, Greer Fay. Jewish Days and Holidays (HC)
Chaikin, Miriam. The Seventh Day: The Story of the Jewish Sabbath
Chaikin, Miriam. Light Another Candle: The Story and Meaning of Hanukah
Chaikin, Miriam. Shake a Palm Branch: The Story and Meaning of Sukkot
Cone, Molly. The Jewish New Year (HC)
Gersh, Harry. When a Jew Celebrates
Golden, Barbara D. The Passover Journey: A Seder Companion
Groner, Judye and Madeline Wikler. All About Chanukah   (2 copies)
Jaffe, Nina. Uninvited Guest and Other Holiday Tales (HC)
Kimmel, Eric A. The Chanukah Tree (HC)
Manushkin, Fran. Miriam's Cup: A Passover Story (HC)
Simon, Norma. The Story of Passover

Workbooks and Teacher Guide

Goodis, Karen Lipschutz. The Learning Center Book of Bible People, grades 2-4
Grishaver, Joel Lurie. Bible People, Book Two (Exodus, Deuteronomy)  (2 copies)
Grishaver, Joel Lurie. Bible People, Book Three (Prophets, Writings)  (2 copies)
Kraft, Stephen. A Child's Introduction to Torah, workbook 1
Meilach, Dona Z. First Book of Bible Heroes, (workbook part 1, 3 copies; part 2, one copy)


The Passover Holiday Kit (PB)
The Humanist Haggadah (PB)
Blessings for Meals (PB)
Periodical: Humanistic Judaism. Spring/ Summer 2003; Winter 2003