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If you are thinking about joining Beth Chai, please contact us — we would be happy to send you our current brochure and application. Beth Chai's dues, unlike those of many Washington-area congregations, are not based on annual income. Nor are there additional "voluntary" contributions that members are expected to make. We have worked hard to keep our annual dues as low as possible.

When you are ready to become a member, please register using our registration site Following membership registration, we encourage you to enroll your children in Sunday School classes and to reserve your space for High Holiday services. All registrations and payments can be done online now!

Visitors are welcome free of charge at our Sunday School and Adult Education programs and Shabbat Services, although we ask that you give us advance notice. If you have any questions about membership, or would like to arrange a visit, please contact us at or by telephone at 301-229-7400.

If you have any questions about our dues structure or would like to discuss financial arrangements, please contact our Treasurer, in confidence at

For current membership and school fees, see Fees at a Glance.

Financial Need Policy:
Beth Chai welcomes anyone to attend services, become a member, or have their children attend our Jewish Family School, regardless of ability to pay. Considerations available include extended payment plans, service exchange, and fee reduction. Financial aid determination will be made on a case by case basis.

Membership Levels: