Beth Chai: The Greater Washington Jewish Humanist CongregationBeth Chai: The Greater Washington Jewish Humanist Congregation

Session Leaders

The exceptional resources and perspectives provided by Rabbi Arthur Blecher and Adult Education Coordinator Karim Chaibi shape our Adult Education program and make it stand out. 

Rabbi Blecher was ordained by the Conservative Jewish Theological Seminary. He has all the depth and breadth of learning that such training can provide — yet, unwedded to doctrine, he possesses an intellectual freedom that yields remarkable insights. 

Other Session leaders have included Rabbi Max Ticktin, associate director of Judaic Studies at George Washington University; Dr. David Ilan, director of the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology at Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem; Dr. Richard Rubenstein, professor of Conflict Resolution and Public Affairs at George Mason University; and Dr. Carolivia Herron, independent scholar and author of numerous books.